Confessions of a Teen Mom(2) D Day…

What the hell does D day mean? Well this is Delivery and the ridiculousness that was my first child birth. Being 17 and going to have a baby was not bad enough. How do I remember this so vividly? Well you never really completely forget the birthing process and you will completely understand once you read this.

So going back….

Dec 6 2002. Started my day like any normal 17 year old I got up and went to high school… Yep I went until the day I went into labor. Imagine trying to squeeze into those desks being 9 months pregnant, it was not comfortable…


This was a desk now picture a 9 mos. pregnant girl that had gained 60 lbs… Get the image. Yeah…

Well that day we had a Graduation project meeting. This is the time when you had to do a project to guarantee you were going to get your diploma. Not the 12 years of showing up and hard work. A project and a presentation. Where my grad project instructor proceeded to tell me mine wasn’t what they wanted it to be and I may not graduate if I didn’t change it… So what did I do? I cried…

(This is the same teacher that caught me throwing up due to morning sickness in the bathrooms the yr prior. We had a great track record.)

Finished classes and went home went into bed and laid there till my mom said lets go to Don Pablos.. UMMMM YES I am in!

That is where I went into labor… Don’t worry I finished my enchiladas. We drove to the hospital got checked in at 9pm(Keep in mind this was a Friday night) . My mom kept wanting to stop so I could see the fireworks for light up night. NO I was experiencing my own. While I was in LABOR! Ron met us there along with his mother and then 11 yr old brother.

They made me walk to get me progressing. Ron’s little brother thought it would be a great idea, to jump out of doorways to scare Ron and I, while pretending to snap pictures. Not a good idea. I wanted to murder him.

We called everyone else once I was in steady contractions. (I had not been scared this whole time until the contractions were on top of each other. I had accepted my fate pretty much right away when I found out I was pregnant, but here I was petrified. I cried to my mom that I did not want to do this and that they could not make me. HA I knew there is no going back…)

Everyone else showed up drunk (except my dad he was watching his 21 year old stripper girlfriends son). It was a Friday night. My sister was by far my favorite! I am cracking up just thinking about her and her at the time boyfriend. She walked in wearing this hat…


While her boyfriend tried to gift Ron a 6 pack and kept giving me 2 thumbs up!


I finally get an epidural, so I am stuck in the bed happily eating ice and singing Ice Ice baby… (Ice was my biggest craving for all 3 babies, which wasn’t annoying for anyone at all… And hospital Ice I have no words for, its amazing. )

They finally break my water at like 2 am… And tell me to get some rest. It was still going to be a while. Well Harry and the Henderson’s was on


and I was not going anywhere.  30 min later I need to push… So they go get the doctor. The nurses have me push once nothing is moving. So they have me turn on my left side and push. The baby was crowning and the Doctor all dressed yet… No pushing. If you’ve had kids. You know when they tell you this it is awful. You have a natural urge to do it. and resisting feels impossible. When this is going on. My sister comes in to check. I’m sure she got quite the view… But they locked down the room no one was coming or going so she was locked in there with us. Sorry Sissy…

OK now we have a Doctor ready to go!! 2 more pushes I welcome baby Brianna Rae at 3:06. I get to meet her for the first time. I was so in love. Everyone is crying. Even my sister who is huddled up against the door. I think I may have scarred her. I had to tell her it was ok and to come meet her niece. Everyone gets to meet her, including my dad his stupid girlfriend and her son. Which she keeps telling him he’s and uncle. Bitch no he’s not…

They clear out the room take Bri to be bathed and me to have the anesthesiologist to remove my epidural. Its taking him a while and then I see his face. I know something is wrong. Here the catheter to the epidural snapped in my back. So I start hearing words like surgery for removal, risk of infection, possibly paralysis. Since its in my spine… Off to Xrays I had surgery the next day. Obviously I turned out fine. And so did my baby she is now 12 and Beautiful!

This one was a little longer. Sorry if it is a bit jumpy telling a story while speaking tends to be easier without me not having to write a freaking novel.

Thanks for reading!



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