Confessions of a Teen Mom…

So this is something I normal don’t write about. My past or present with my personal life. Fitness and food is a passion and its safe to talk about. Family is a priority and although I’ll post silly pictures of me with my girls or family time on Facebook I tend to stay really quiet about it. Its precious to me. So why not share it?

Ever wonder where my dedication and determination come to play? I have spent a bulk of my life fighting against the odds. I was a walking statistic…

You see I met my husband. (Yes I married her father) in 10th grade. I think I got him to like me by annoying him hahahaha. He used to sit behind me and try to sleep. I would bang on his desk and wake him up. We were fast friends (I can be persistent when I want.) But didn’t start officially dating until 1 1/2 later (Feb 22 02 to be exact.)
I was pregnant quickly after that. That sounds bad I know but I was smitten. And at 16 that happens way faster.


Then I heard it all…
You guys are never gonna last.
How are you going to raise a baby by yourself?
What are you going to do?
What about abortion… (No just no)
Adoption will give the baby a chance…
My personal favorite…
Your life is OVER.

See my life was changed forever, but it was far from over. I made my bed and I was gonna lie in it. With my husband. What everyone else did not know about him. He is one of a kind, my rock and best friend even if we didn’t stay together he would have been a dad.

We welcomed a beautiful baby girl December 7th 02. Not even a full year after being together. I was 17.


I graduated early exit that January. And started school in July to get an associates degree in cyber crime. I graduated with high honors.

I owe a lot of that to everyone that helped me. Ron, my mom, his parents this wonderful day care center (for single parents to go to school. Allowing you to pay for daycare by cleaning the daycare.) Mark my words. I will be sending them a huge donation when I can!

I got hired at my first full time job at 19. Ron and I moved in together shortly after. We were engaged at 20, bought a house at that age as well. Then we were married at 21.


We’ve been together 13 years in February and married 8 in June! 💜

You see my life wasn’t over it was just a little harder. But every little thing I have accomplished means that much more. I have so many blessings.


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