3 day refresh round 2 results

Sooooo I did it!! What what! And I had zero cheats and zero coffee. In fact my wonderful husband made me extra today since he knew I would be done and I did not even need it! I feel fantastic!!

That is exactly why I did this. To be honest I did not care if I lost any weight I just did not want to feel like a zombie anymore. That walks around slugging coffee and the wine to counter act the caffeine.


Was it easy? HELL NO last night was torturous. I made my family dinner which had bacon in it I may add. And I sat there and ate veggies and a shake. Not fun. But hey I didn’t die.

So what are my results?! Well…
✅I feel fan-freaking-tastic.
✅I have had no coffee.
✅I have had no cravings.
✅My face is clearing up! This is a huge one! I should not be breaking out like I’m 13…
✅Lost 4.6 pounds
✅Down 2.5 inches

Here’s my pictures


Before After



Before After

Do I recommend this? Yes! It is just 3 days! You can do it!! Email me kalarw@gmail.com

Thanks XOXO,

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