New Years Resolution


It’s that time of year! To make a New Years Resolution and I have quiet a few that I want to accomplish this year! So I made a dream Board!


Dream board 2015Now I want to explain them a little bit!!

The Reach diamond and 2 star have to do with my Beachbody Business. I have been getting in my own way and basically blocking myself from doing what I want to with my business. I love what I do and I love my team so why not share it with everyone. I want to actively build my business and help my coaches build theirs into something that we can be proud of!

Dream Body!! I am going to be 30 in July AHHHHHHH! I want to be in my Best Shape EVER! and I love how that girl looks! Do I want to be her? NOPE this is just kind of what I am working towards. Its an idea of the shape I want to be in when I hit the BIG 3-0!!!

Personal Development books! A big part of being a Coach is reading Personal Development. Why?? You CANNOT give what you DONOT have. According to The C.E.O. Carl Daikeler Personal development is, “The Pro-active choice to look your problems in the face.” There is always room for improvement and you can always do and be better!

Cape Coral Florida Weird place to pick. Not random. I only really talk to one person on my dads side of the family and that is my Uncle Ronnie. I have not seen him since I was expecting my 2nd child. Almost 7 yrs ago.  I would like to have that connection with my Dad again and see my Uncle. I miss them and I miss that part of me. I feel like I lost a huge part of myself when my Dad passed away.

Zero Credit Card Christmas. We do it every year rack up the plastic to give our kids the best xmas we cant and it stresses me out. I want to be able to pay for xmas with cash!

Now what is not on this board…

I want to help at least 50 people reach their goals. Whether that be health, fitness, or financial You can build your financial right along with me. My favorite part of coaching is the Success stories and helping people. I freaking love what I do! I want other people to feel as good as I do! I want to help (as dorky as this sounds.) End the obesity Epidemic.

I want to make sure that I am present in my life. Not passing by in a daze, I want to live it to the fullest and have a wonderful year with my family! Sounds like a weird resolution? But I easily get distracted. So I am going to set hours to be offline.

Set some goals! When you make them known your chances of following through are so much better! 2014 was amazing, but 2015 is going to KICK ASS!

Have a Happy and Health New Year! and Stay SAFE!




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