No time to get ready…after workout

Ok so you get up you literally have an hour to get a workout in or get ready and you are booked for the rest of the day. No time to fit a workout in and getting out of the house looking semi presentable. Well they have some great products out there to help you out with this…

So make

time for fitness

And I will give you all the tips I know so you can do a 30 minute workout and get out of the house in an hour.

So for your hair,

Put it in a braid and that way you can either keep the braid in or, let it when you are done and you’ve got beach waves. They have a product called Dry Shampoo so you can get your hair fresh without taking the time to actually wash and style it. There are a ton of brands out there, so you may have to try some to get the one that works best for you.

Dry shampoo

For your face,

Get cleansing towelettes. This is like face wash in a baby wipe. They have all different kinds for different skin types. I got mine from CVS pharmacy. Freshen up your face in seconds. Then add a little foundation and mascara.

Put on deodorant and body spray. Fresh clothes and get out the door.

You do not have to put your health on hold because you have a busy day. Just use some of these tips so you can still get your workout in and get out of the house. Its the holidays so if your schedule is anything like mine I know you are crazy busy and your kids are off school too so everything is slightly a little more hectic. But do not let that make your progress digress you have worked too hard!

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