Can you?


This is one of absolute favorite quotes!! Why? Because its so true. You have the power to achieve so much more just simply by believing you can.

This comes onto play with so many things. Fitness is a big one. Getting through a workout, if you tell your self you can’t do it that you can’t finish. You will quit. I ran my first marathon in May 2014. Do you think I was chanting negative bull shit in my mind the entire 26 miles? NO I was telling myself that I could do this that I would.

With my business I have been holding myself back. By telling myself I can’t do this.But here’s the thing I freaking love what we do as coaches. I am fitness, nutrition, and business mentor. And I am good at it. I have such a passion for it. And I’m not going to hold myself back any more.

Apply this quote to your own life. Because “Whether you think you can’t or you think you can. You’re Right!”

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