Why workout first thing in the morning?

Ok I had this habit going and then Thanksgiving break happened and I stopped the kids were off, we were out later. I drank way more {GASP}. So they went back to school and I was like, “You are going to get back to working out first thing in the morning.” Why? Because when I work out as soon as I get out of bed. I don’t even think about it. I just do it. I don’t dread what I am about to do. (Yes I do dread workouts, I am not a machine…)


Confession, my idiot moment I swore I set my alarm and was like it has not been working. I am an idiot and I set it for off during the week and on during Saturday and Sunday. Stupid I know, I have my moments.


When I sleep in. I spend hours sitting in my recliner, drinking my coffee praying it will kick in and I will get a rush of energy that will never come. I then look at the clock and tell my 3 yr old after this show Mommy is going to work out. Well, she has the upper hand. Cause she will one up me for hours. The house looks like shit, and I feel like it. Once I finally get up, I avoid the workout for at lease another hour. Finding anything to stop me from Pushing play.  See I workout everyday, not because I love to do it. But for the euphoric feeling after. The Confidence I get from it. Watching my body change and finally feeling happy with the way it looks. For me, this makes that 30-60 min workout worth it. And the guilt I feel when I don’t. I am a Beachbody coach, how can I expect my Challenger to do it or my coaches when I am not. I hate liars and I wont be one.

Back to the morning workouts. Today my alarm went off at 530. I got out of bed, and did the workout. Done before my 12 yr old gets up to school and my morning has been far more productive. YAY ME!

So I want to share with you all the benefits of working out first thing in the morning.

  • First off, there is a guarantee that you will actually do the damn workout.
  • If you do it before your kids get out of bed you will not have to pause a gazillion times.
  • You will sleep better than you will if you exercise in the evening. Since the boost of energy you get from your workout will be burned off through out the day. (don’t take this as if you should not workout any other time of day. It is important and beneficial no matter when!)
  • It will JUMP START your metabolism, meaning you will burn more through out the day.
  • It will regulate your appetite and make you more health conscience
  • You will start your day knowing that you started off taking care of your body. Lets face it NO ONE can do this for you.

So Get up and start moving. May start off as a challenge, your body will adjust and before you know if your body will start preparing its self for you.

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