Does Beachbody Work?

Does bb

AHHHHHHHHH its the million $$ Question?  Kidding! But I get this a lot! You want the answer…

So Does Beachbody work?


Beachbody does however provide the tools for your success.

nut supp fitThis is what it takes. Want a quick fix? Then this probably isn’t for you. Want life long success and knowledge to stay there once you reach your goals? Well then Beachbody is for you.

Every single program comes with

  • The workouts (How many Depends on the program.)
  • Fitness Calendar (Written by fitness Pro so you know exactly what to do on what day. Hello Personal Trainer in your living room)
  • Nutrition plan (Now you know what to eat.)
  • Last but not least if you choose you get a Coach. For Free… (What the hell is a Beachbody Coach? Go Here) You will get support, motivation, and tips so you can make your journey a success.


So if you say you did a program and you saw no results. WTF?! Right? Well you need to re-evaluate what you are doing. Check out your diet. Are you really doing the plan as suggested. Because, if you are there is no way you are not seeing Killer results. And this goes for anything you are doing.   Just a reminder.

cant out exercise

For maintenance this may work, you want to feel better and see your hard work. You need to focus on your diet. Its necessary. Its important and it is 80% of the results that you see.

Nutrition an issue, your on the go a lot and have a hard time getting it all in?  That is where Shakeology comes in. You can get a bundle pack called a Challenge Pack. That gives you the workout program (includes everything I mention above) and Shakeolgy for a steal.

So you’ve tried Shakeology and had no luck. Let me get this straight, it is not a weight loss, or even just a protein shake. It is a meal replacement shake and is for nutritional purposes. It is not a miracle worker. Initially drinking the shake alone you may see some difference, but you do need to eat better and exercise. This Shake is just a miracle worker, it is a great starting point. Plus they are delish. For me it is a savior for breakfast or lunch. Saves my ass all the time. I am busy too I get it and I don’t always want a salad. (Most of the time I don’t!!!)

Hope this helps!

Need a Coach? Click here

Or want to figure out the best program for you?

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