New Years Resolution


It’s that time of year! To make a New Years Resolution and I have quiet a few that I want to accomplish this year! So I made a dream Board!


Dream board 2015Now I want to explain them a little bit!!

The Reach diamond and 2 star have to do with my Beachbody Business. I have been getting in my own way and basically blocking myself from doing what I want to with my business. I love what I do and I love my team so why not share it with everyone. I want to actively build my business and help my coaches build theirs into something that we can be proud of!

Dream Body!! I am going to be 30 in July AHHHHHHH! I want to be in my Best Shape EVER! and I love how that girl looks! Do I want to be her? NOPE this is just kind of what I am working towards. Its an idea of the shape I want to be in when I hit the BIG 3-0!!!

Personal Development books! A big part of being a Coach is reading Personal Development. Why?? You CANNOT give what you DONOT have. According to The C.E.O. Carl Daikeler Personal development is, “The Pro-active choice to look your problems in the face.” There is always room for improvement and you can always do and be better!

Cape Coral Florida Weird place to pick. Not random. I only really talk to one person on my dads side of the family and that is my Uncle Ronnie. I have not seen him since I was expecting my 2nd child. Almost 7 yrs ago.  I would like to have that connection with my Dad again and see my Uncle. I miss them and I miss that part of me. I feel like I lost a huge part of myself when my Dad passed away.

Zero Credit Card Christmas. We do it every year rack up the plastic to give our kids the best xmas we cant and it stresses me out. I want to be able to pay for xmas with cash!

Now what is not on this board…

I want to help at least 50 people reach their goals. Whether that be health, fitness, or financial You can build your financial right along with me. My favorite part of coaching is the Success stories and helping people. I freaking love what I do! I want other people to feel as good as I do! I want to help (as dorky as this sounds.) End the obesity Epidemic.

I want to make sure that I am present in my life. Not passing by in a daze, I want to live it to the fullest and have a wonderful year with my family! Sounds like a weird resolution? But I easily get distracted. So I am going to set hours to be offline.

Set some goals! When you make them known your chances of following through are so much better! 2014 was amazing, but 2015 is going to KICK ASS!

Have a Happy and Health New Year! and Stay SAFE!





4 ingredient cookies

So we baked cookies for Santa yesterday!! I decided to try these 4 ingredient healthy ones as well as the normal chocolate chip and peanut butter blossom ones we bake!!

So simple and they’re not bad!
2 ripe bananas
1 1/2 cup oats
1/3 cup almond butter (can use any nut butter)
1/2 cup chocolate chips (I used 1/4 dark chocolate and 1/4 butterscotch)

Bake at 350 for 12 min
Store in the fridge


No time to get ready…after workout

Ok so you get up you literally have an hour to get a workout in or get ready and you are booked for the rest of the day. No time to fit a workout in and getting out of the house looking semi presentable. Well they have some great products out there to help you out with this…

So make

time for fitness

And I will give you all the tips I know so you can do a 30 minute workout and get out of the house in an hour.

So for your hair,

Put it in a braid and that way you can either keep the braid in or, let it when you are done and you’ve got beach waves. They have a product called Dry Shampoo so you can get your hair fresh without taking the time to actually wash and style it. There are a ton of brands out there, so you may have to try some to get the one that works best for you.

Dry shampoo

For your face,

Get cleansing towelettes. This is like face wash in a baby wipe. They have all different kinds for different skin types. I got mine from CVS pharmacy. Freshen up your face in seconds. Then add a little foundation and mascara.

Put on deodorant and body spray. Fresh clothes and get out the door.

You do not have to put your health on hold because you have a busy day. Just use some of these tips so you can still get your workout in and get out of the house. Its the holidays so if your schedule is anything like mine I know you are crazy busy and your kids are off school too so everything is slightly a little more hectic. But do not let that make your progress digress you have worked too hard!

Can you?


This is one of absolute favorite quotes!! Why? Because its so true. You have the power to achieve so much more just simply by believing you can.

This comes onto play with so many things. Fitness is a big one. Getting through a workout, if you tell your self you can’t do it that you can’t finish. You will quit. I ran my first marathon in May 2014. Do you think I was chanting negative bull shit in my mind the entire 26 miles? NO I was telling myself that I could do this that I would.

With my business I have been holding myself back. By telling myself I can’t do this.But here’s the thing I freaking love what we do as coaches. I am fitness, nutrition, and business mentor. And I am good at it. I have such a passion for it. And I’m not going to hold myself back any more.

Apply this quote to your own life. Because “Whether you think you can’t or you think you can. You’re Right!”

Potato pancakes


What you need…
1-2 cups of left over mashed potatoes
1 egg
1/4 cup oat flour. (This is just oats ground to a powder)
Himalayan salt (or any sea salt)
Cheese (optional) (I used it!! About 1/4 cup shredded)

Mix all together. In a skillet add 1tbsp olive oil and let it warm then scoop 1/3 cup helpings of pancake mixture in. Cook 1st side till browned. Flip and brown.

Serve with a little plain Greek yogurt!

Never Miss A Monday!


So you have all heard this but why?!
Well how do you want to start out your week of hectic crazy. Your kids are going back to school after the weekend. You may or may not be going back to work. You have to prepare your self to get back into the grind of schedules, after a weekend of having fun.

Where do you think that energy is going to come from?

A kick ass workout!!

What you do on Monday is pretty much how you start your week. So why not beat out those Monday Blues?

Did you have parties over the weekend and over indulge? Its the holiday season so my weekends are jam packed with parties and birthdays and I  am def not staying on track the way I should. I do not want to prove the statistic of how much Americans gain during the holidays right. No thank you.

Tips to get through holiday parties…

If you start with a workout your chances of making healthier choices increase.

Your exhausted And you have the shittiest workout ever?! Don’t worry about it. Serious happens to the best of us. Remember this…


So start your week off right! Make your Mondays slightly better.

Remember these 4 rules…


60 Days of Body Beast

body beast

First of all I need to start with the fact that I am at 60 days already!! WTF does the time go?  I will be 3 months post surgery on the 18th. My baby just turned 12 (WAHHHHHHHH).

Ok back to the point of this post. My 60 day Body Beast results. I need to start of with telling all you ladies to start lifting. You will not turn into a man. And you do not have to stick to 5lbs weights. Whenever the weight you are lifting starts to feel easier increase it.

lifting makes you huge

Check out this article…

What I have not done since day 1 is my Stats or my weight so I have no idea if I have lost or gained. I plan on doing all of that at the end of the program. Why? No idea, just the way I have decided to do things this time. You can definitely tell a difference in the pictures. Taking progress pictures is my favorite way to measure progress! Although I do feel like a complete tool bag putting on a bikini when it is snowing outside.

I am following the Lean Beast Schedule. This is to lean and build muscles and I just started the 3rd and final block Monday. Thank god lol. Block 2 was bulk I loved the schedule, but I needed a change up from the 5 weeks of following the same workout schedule. I have not been following the Beast meal plan exactly I have just been trying to eat as clean as possible and now that I am in the final block I am starting to deplete carbs more.

Here are my results.


60 days front


60 days side


60 days back

My abs are forming. So that is exciting!

hello abs

I really feel great with it and I love lifting, I would pick it over cardio any day. All 3 blocks of this program are 6 days on one day off and Block 1 and 2 have only one day of Cardio. Block 3 has 2 and I will get to try one of the workouts that I have not done yet (Total Body).


Want to learn about my first 30 days?? Go here

I cannot wait to see the final results for this program! Want to touch base with me you can add me or follow me on Facebook




Tough Love Tuesday…

It is time to give you all some tough love, I want to ask you all a question. What is the number one reason people fail when they are trying to lose weight?


Enter Jeopardy Music

What do you think this is?


That’s right that one little word! I have heard them all. My Favorite… I Don’t have time. Ummmm What are you doing right now? Are you sitting on your ass reading this? (Don’t get me wrong! I love that you take time to read my blog and hope you continue. I am thankful for it! I hope that the time I take to write these posts help you in some way. That’s my goal!)

Are you Taking time to scroll through your Facebook news feed getting lost in the drama that is constantly there with people that you don’t really know. Sitting down watching hours of mindless TV? Reading 50 Shades of Grey again? (I totally admit I did this… What the movie is coming out!!)

So time for a little Tough Love. Your excuses are Bull shit. Do you have spare time in your day to Relax? Then you have time to add a 30 min workout. That is 2% of your day. When you think about it like that it does not seem like much time. Right?! If it is Important to you, then you will make the time if not then you will make an excuse!

Now let me ask you something else. Why the hell isn’t your health a Priority? Seriously. I don’t get it, do you enjoy feeling like crap all the time, or hating the way you look? If the answer is NO! Then DO SOMETHING about it! YOU are Responsible for your own life.

Why workout first thing in the morning?

Ok I had this habit going and then Thanksgiving break happened and I stopped the kids were off, we were out later. I drank way more {GASP}. So they went back to school and I was like, “You are going to get back to working out first thing in the morning.” Why? Because when I work out as soon as I get out of bed. I don’t even think about it. I just do it. I don’t dread what I am about to do. (Yes I do dread workouts, I am not a machine…)


Confession, my idiot moment I swore I set my alarm and was like it has not been working. I am an idiot and I set it for off during the week and on during Saturday and Sunday. Stupid I know, I have my moments.


When I sleep in. I spend hours sitting in my recliner, drinking my coffee praying it will kick in and I will get a rush of energy that will never come. I then look at the clock and tell my 3 yr old after this show Mommy is going to work out. Well, she has the upper hand. Cause she will one up me for hours. The house looks like shit, and I feel like it. Once I finally get up, I avoid the workout for at lease another hour. Finding anything to stop me from Pushing play.  See I workout everyday, not because I love to do it. But for the euphoric feeling after. The Confidence I get from it. Watching my body change and finally feeling happy with the way it looks. For me, this makes that 30-60 min workout worth it. And the guilt I feel when I don’t. I am a Beachbody coach, how can I expect my Challenger to do it or my coaches when I am not. I hate liars and I wont be one.

Back to the morning workouts. Today my alarm went off at 530. I got out of bed, and did the workout. Done before my 12 yr old gets up to school and my morning has been far more productive. YAY ME!

So I want to share with you all the benefits of working out first thing in the morning.

  • First off, there is a guarantee that you will actually do the damn workout.
  • If you do it before your kids get out of bed you will not have to pause a gazillion times.
  • You will sleep better than you will if you exercise in the evening. Since the boost of energy you get from your workout will be burned off through out the day. (don’t take this as if you should not workout any other time of day. It is important and beneficial no matter when!)
  • It will JUMP START your metabolism, meaning you will burn more through out the day.
  • It will regulate your appetite and make you more health conscience
  • You will start your day knowing that you started off taking care of your body. Lets face it NO ONE can do this for you.

So Get up and start moving. May start off as a challenge, your body will adjust and before you know if your body will start preparing its self for you.

Does Beachbody Work?

Does bb

AHHHHHHHHH its the million $$ Question?  Kidding! But I get this a lot! You want the answer…

So Does Beachbody work?


Beachbody does however provide the tools for your success.

nut supp fitThis is what it takes. Want a quick fix? Then this probably isn’t for you. Want life long success and knowledge to stay there once you reach your goals? Well then Beachbody is for you.

Every single program comes with

  • The workouts (How many Depends on the program.)
  • Fitness Calendar (Written by fitness Pro so you know exactly what to do on what day. Hello Personal Trainer in your living room)
  • Nutrition plan (Now you know what to eat.)
  • Last but not least if you choose you get a Coach. For Free… (What the hell is a Beachbody Coach? Go Here) You will get support, motivation, and tips so you can make your journey a success.


So if you say you did a program and you saw no results. WTF?! Right? Well you need to re-evaluate what you are doing. Check out your diet. Are you really doing the plan as suggested. Because, if you are there is no way you are not seeing Killer results. And this goes for anything you are doing.   Just a reminder.

cant out exercise

For maintenance this may work, you want to feel better and see your hard work. You need to focus on your diet. Its necessary. Its important and it is 80% of the results that you see.

Nutrition an issue, your on the go a lot and have a hard time getting it all in?  That is where Shakeology comes in. You can get a bundle pack called a Challenge Pack. That gives you the workout program (includes everything I mention above) and Shakeolgy for a steal.

So you’ve tried Shakeology and had no luck. Let me get this straight, it is not a weight loss, or even just a protein shake. It is a meal replacement shake and is for nutritional purposes. It is not a miracle worker. Initially drinking the shake alone you may see some difference, but you do need to eat better and exercise. This Shake is just a miracle worker, it is a great starting point. Plus they are delish. For me it is a savior for breakfast or lunch. Saves my ass all the time. I am busy too I get it and I don’t always want a salad. (Most of the time I don’t!!!)

Hope this helps!

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