I have been trying to figure out a way to really introduce me and my life into this blog. Health and fitness are easy to post about because although I feel they are important they are not personal. You know besides me splashing my personality in all the posts. Which is sarcastic and at times in your face. Hey I know how I am and I have no problem with telling it like it is.

So I thought about it, and recently I have come across of non-airbrushed photos of mothers. Light Bulb. I am a mother. I was a teen mom, that gained 60 lbs with my first baby. So here is my vulnerable post. My body, my stretch marks. The stretched saggy skin that no matter how much you work on yourself will never go anywhere. And here is my favorite part of the post. Me finally accepting these. Looking at the beauty in them. See they brought me the best thing in my life. My babies.

I spent years, I mean years feeling uncomfortable with this. Imagine how a 17 year old girl feels to begin with. Add a baby, some excess weight and stretch marks. There goes your confidence. I used to envy, the girls that no matter what the size just embraced their bodies. Because although some should cover up more, there is a form of beauty in being confident.


So I want to come out with it. I have stretch marks. Tons of them in fact.
Here is my stomach up close.

I have them on my thighs and calf’s too. See when you gain 60 lbs it is not just baby weight lol. But over eating was my way of coping. And Wendy’s was this pregnant girls best friend. Gross I know…

But I have been working on my confidence level. I have improved my self in so many ways that I have fully embraced my skin. I feel better about myself.



Improve your confidence in yourself. Embrace everything about you and work on improving what you don’t like. See you can’t always change the physical, but when you mentally change everything can be better and you can move forward. Build confidence and all around just be a better you.

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