All about the Scale.

How many of you always use the scale to show your successes. And you hate the damn thing. Just pulling it out stresses you the hell out. But you are on this new health journey and that number does play a part. funny-shocked-surprised-cat-scales-weigh-liar-pics

Did you know that the scale is not the only way to measure how well you are doing, that there are other ways to measure your progress as well?

There are even times when you start a new programs where your body can gain weight or your weight wont budge for weeks. The lovely Chalene Johnson explains the reasoning behind that here…

Well let me ask you this, how many times when you start to take steps in the right direction and after a week of busting your ass and you jump on the scale to see how fantastic you did, then nothing. So you say Bull shit and just like that your done. I have done this plenty of times believe me. I only just started to realize all the wonderful progress you can see that is not on that scale.

Those lovely N.S.V’s

Well WTF is a N.S.V? It is a NON-SCALE-VICTORY! These are the wonderful ways your body is changing that if you aren’t paying attention might sneak right past you. These little beauties are ways for you to remember that you are changing. That your hard work is paying off and that YOU are not going to give up on yourself again!

  • Measurements. That’s right write down your inches do Chest, waist (navel), hips, both arms, and both thighs. These can be done weekly when you are starting out. Or like me since I started a new program I did it at day 1. I plan on measuring again at day 90.
  • Pictures. I know this is scary as hell and you will feel like a tool bag snapping pics in your gutchies in the middle of your living room. But a picture tells the best stories. It will show you how well you are doing and you may not notice any changes in a mirror. But a side by side says it all. I do in my bathing suit. You can also do this in form fitting clothes.
  • How your clothes fit. Seriously what happened to the muffin top?!
  • Exercise progress. You can last a little longer, you are able to do one more push up, you are able to do a real push-up, you didn’t throw up this time. You effing did it!!  Just saying I don’t care how big or small this is. Your endurance changing is a big deal!!
  • Energy level. How do you feel?!
  • Someone asks if you lose weight? You want to give them a big fat kiss!
  • You are able to lift a little heavier.
  • You seriously just all around are feeling way better!

Don’t forget to feel proud of yourself and progress. Change takes time so be patient. Remember you do not put weight on over night and it will not come off that quickly. Everybody is different. Weight may take longer for you to lose but be happy with yourself that you are working on it.


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