What is coaching group!


I have been a Beachbody Coach for almost 2 years, and have spent a ton of time, working on myself recently. Both physically and mentally. Wanting to reach the point where I feel that I could be a worthy leader and groom a successful team. See I want the Coaches that sign up with me as their up-line to have a knowledgeable resource that wants them to succeed at coaching and help as many people as possible. I want this as much as I want my own successes. I have reached that point. FINALLY thanks to the wonderful Leaders in the Bombshell Dynasty and #girlbossDynasty.

Have you ever thought about coaching? But you have no clue what all it entails and you want more Details. I will be running a 5 day sneak peak with my success partner Lindsay Stewart  to introduce you into our world. Where you can be a fly on the wall. Just sit back and watch what this whole coaching thing is about. See why this is such a PASSION for me.

Don’t worry there is ZERO obligation to sign up for anything! Want in?  FIND ME ON FACEBOOK


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