Surviving the Holidays.

snowmenSay What?  I could not help but write something about this. I hear all kinds of excuses for why people are waiting to start living a healthier life style. My favorite…

I will get started after the Holidays.

Um Why?  It is 4 days. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years. So you need that excuse to eat like a fat ass through every holiday party you attend? It has been claimed that Americans gain 5-10 lbs from Halloween until the end of December.

hoiday season

Stop using holidays as a binge eating excuse. I am not saying you cant indulge a little, but have some control. Pick and chose what you are going to eat.

Tips for getting through the holidays without having to purchase bigger pants…

  • Drink water.
  • Offer to bring a healthy dish. You can do this without making it super obvious.
  • Do not go starving!
  • Do not skip meals before hand because you know you are going to indulge just a little.
  • Be Honest with yourself. If you eat a dozen cookies own up to it. Denial does nothing for you!
  • Find support. (I am running challenges that go through the holidays to hold you accountable, I am not your cup of tea? Ok find someone that is!)
  • Keep your portion sizes in check.
  • Avoid peanuts, pretzels, and chips and normal everyday snacks. Spend calories on special treats.
  • Don’t set up shop right beside all the food.
  • Mingle.
  • Wear something special, or form fitting. Even a belt. A reminder that you may become uncomfortable if you overdo it.

I hope this can help get through the holidays with out expanding your waistline…

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