Feeling kind of down…

sometimes its ok to be not ok

It is the time of year of seasonal Depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a distinct form of depression triggered by the reduced level of sunlight during the winter months. I have been feeling it. I live in Pittsburgh. It is now getting dark at 5pm and it is very little sunshine if any at all. The weather right now is just a constant grey as we transition from the fall till winter. And I am dragging ass. I am trying to work myself out of it, but it seams like right now I have to force myself to do just about anything. LAME. So I thought I would do  some research. I am generally a happy, motivated, uplifting person. Not lately…

So lets work out of this funk together. Here is what I have found…

1. Let there be Light! Makes sense that the darkness would make your life kind of dreary. Try brighter light bulbs. There are also some pretty cool products that can give you the effects of the sunshine.

2. Call Someone that is going to pull you out of your Bull shit Tough love is the best love! I called another Beachbody Coach. Yes I need help sometimes I am not scared to admit it. I talked with her a little, she gave me a couple suggestions, then simply said you realize you’re just making a bunch of excuses. Well here I am researching ways to get out of my funk. So it must have worked. Thanks Amy ;)!!

3. Exercise. Just do it. It will increase your mood. Even if you don’t want to.

4. Get outside. I hate the cold, but sometimes you just need to suck it up and bundle up you would be surprised at a difference that this can make.

every day may not be good

5. Find something good out of your day! If you cant think of anything make something good. Reach out to someone just to say hi, compliment them, or grab your kid and spend some quality time.

6. Sex… Nuff said

7. Diet… Stop reaching for shit. Ever hear the saying you are what you eat?   Well when your diet is crap you tend to feel like that. Here is a list of some foods that you can keep on hand.

Oatmeal (original, not desserty)
Egg whites for omelets
Peanut butter
Prewashed veggies
Whole grain crackers and bread
Deli turkey
Cottage cheese

Also timing is everything. Try to plan your meals better. If you eat lunch at 1 and know you will not be eating again till 8 you may want to plan a snack, being hungry makes me angry lol and feel like shit.

8. Music. Put on some good tunes and dance it, just like in Grey’s Anatomy.

9. Watch a comedy and have a good laugh. I recommend Dumb and Dumber.

10. Personal Development. Get your brain thinking up lifting thoughts. go to youtube and type in self help audio books. Anything positive :)!

I hope this helps you, I know I am going to get to work on these. I don’t want to feel like this anymore!



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