Orange pineapple smoothie


Ok it is delish!! I don’t really measure for stiff like this so here’s what I did.
5 baby carrots
Handful of baby spinach and kale.
Pineapple (about 1/2 cup)
1/2 frozen banana
2 heaping tbsp plain Greek yogurt
Orange juice (2 oz)
1 cup water

Blend till smooth! Enjoy 🌞🌞🌞


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I have been trying to figure out a way to really introduce me and my life into this blog. Health and fitness are easy to post about because although I feel they are important they are not personal. You know besides me splashing my personality in all the posts. Which is sarcastic and at times in your face. Hey I know how I am and I have no problem with telling it like it is.

So I thought about it, and recently I have come across of non-airbrushed photos of mothers. Light Bulb. I am a mother. I was a teen mom, that gained 60 lbs with my first baby. So here is my vulnerable post. My body, my stretch marks. The stretched saggy skin that no matter how much you work on yourself will never go anywhere. And here is my favorite part of the post. Me finally accepting these. Looking at the beauty in them. See they brought me the best thing in my life. My babies.

I spent years, I mean years feeling uncomfortable with this. Imagine how a 17 year old girl feels to begin with. Add a baby, some excess weight and stretch marks. There goes your confidence. I used to envy, the girls that no matter what the size just embraced their bodies. Because although some should cover up more, there is a form of beauty in being confident.


So I want to come out with it. I have stretch marks. Tons of them in fact.
Here is my stomach up close.

I have them on my thighs and calf’s too. See when you gain 60 lbs it is not just baby weight lol. But over eating was my way of coping. And Wendy’s was this pregnant girls best friend. Gross I know…

But I have been working on my confidence level. I have improved my self in so many ways that I have fully embraced my skin. I feel better about myself.



Improve your confidence in yourself. Embrace everything about you and work on improving what you don’t like. See you can’t always change the physical, but when you mentally change everything can be better and you can move forward. Build confidence and all around just be a better you.

All about the Scale.

How many of you always use the scale to show your successes. And you hate the damn thing. Just pulling it out stresses you the hell out. But you are on this new health journey and that number does play a part. funny-shocked-surprised-cat-scales-weigh-liar-pics

Did you know that the scale is not the only way to measure how well you are doing, that there are other ways to measure your progress as well?

There are even times when you start a new programs where your body can gain weight or your weight wont budge for weeks. The lovely Chalene Johnson explains the reasoning behind that here…

Well let me ask you this, how many times when you start to take steps in the right direction and after a week of busting your ass and you jump on the scale to see how fantastic you did, then nothing. So you say Bull shit and just like that your done. I have done this plenty of times believe me. I only just started to realize all the wonderful progress you can see that is not on that scale.

Those lovely N.S.V’s

Well WTF is a N.S.V? It is a NON-SCALE-VICTORY! These are the wonderful ways your body is changing that if you aren’t paying attention might sneak right past you. These little beauties are ways for you to remember that you are changing. That your hard work is paying off and that YOU are not going to give up on yourself again!

  • Measurements. That’s right write down your inches do Chest, waist (navel), hips, both arms, and both thighs. These can be done weekly when you are starting out. Or like me since I started a new program I did it at day 1. I plan on measuring again at day 90.
  • Pictures. I know this is scary as hell and you will feel like a tool bag snapping pics in your gutchies in the middle of your living room. But a picture tells the best stories. It will show you how well you are doing and you may not notice any changes in a mirror. But a side by side says it all. I do in my bathing suit. You can also do this in form fitting clothes.
  • How your clothes fit. Seriously what happened to the muffin top?!
  • Exercise progress. You can last a little longer, you are able to do one more push up, you are able to do a real push-up, you didn’t throw up this time. You effing did it!!  Just saying I don’t care how big or small this is. Your endurance changing is a big deal!!
  • Energy level. How do you feel?!
  • Someone asks if you lose weight? You want to give them a big fat kiss!
  • You are able to lift a little heavier.
  • You seriously just all around are feeling way better!

Don’t forget to feel proud of yourself and progress. Change takes time so be patient. Remember you do not put weight on over night and it will not come off that quickly. Everybody is different. Weight may take longer for you to lose but be happy with yourself that you are working on it.


Pineapple smoothie!

I ran out of Shakeology!!!! Gasp! What was I going to do??? I improvised although, nothing comes close to the nutrients in my normal shakes I like shakes in the morning!

Well fresh express make these now


So I used a handful!
1/2 pineapple husk (this is the center I normally throw away may as well use it right?!)
1/2 frozen banana
1 kiwi
1/2 cup strawberry Kefir
1 cup water
1/4 cup oats
Add ice if you want!


Blend till smooth.

Then enjoy!!


I look so pretty lol. Hey this is 730 am and after 40 mins of working out!

What is coaching group!


I have been a Beachbody Coach for almost 2 years, and have spent a ton of time, working on myself recently. Both physically and mentally. Wanting to reach the point where I feel that I could be a worthy leader and groom a successful team. See I want the Coaches that sign up with me as their up-line to have a knowledgeable resource that wants them to succeed at coaching and help as many people as possible. I want this as much as I want my own successes. I have reached that point. FINALLY thanks to the wonderful Leaders in the Bombshell Dynasty and #girlbossDynasty.

Have you ever thought about coaching? But you have no clue what all it entails and you want more Details. I will be running a 5 day sneak peak with my success partner Lindsay Stewart  to introduce you into our world. Where you can be a fly on the wall. Just sit back and watch what this whole coaching thing is about. See why this is such a PASSION for me.

Don’t worry there is ZERO obligation to sign up for anything! Want in?  FIND ME ON FACEBOOK


Surviving the Holidays.

snowmenSay What?  I could not help but write something about this. I hear all kinds of excuses for why people are waiting to start living a healthier life style. My favorite…

I will get started after the Holidays.

Um Why?  It is 4 days. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years. So you need that excuse to eat like a fat ass through every holiday party you attend? It has been claimed that Americans gain 5-10 lbs from Halloween until the end of December.

hoiday season

Stop using holidays as a binge eating excuse. I am not saying you cant indulge a little, but have some control. Pick and chose what you are going to eat.

Tips for getting through the holidays without having to purchase bigger pants…

  • Drink water.
  • Offer to bring a healthy dish. You can do this without making it super obvious.
  • Do not go starving!
  • Do not skip meals before hand because you know you are going to indulge just a little.
  • Be Honest with yourself. If you eat a dozen cookies own up to it. Denial does nothing for you!
  • Find support. (I am running challenges that go through the holidays to hold you accountable, I am not your cup of tea? Ok find someone that is!)
  • Keep your portion sizes in check.
  • Avoid peanuts, pretzels, and chips and normal everyday snacks. Spend calories on special treats.
  • Don’t set up shop right beside all the food.
  • Mingle.
  • Wear something special, or form fitting. Even a belt. A reminder that you may become uncomfortable if you overdo it.

I hope this can help get through the holidays with out expanding your waistline…

Feeling kind of down…

sometimes its ok to be not ok

It is the time of year of seasonal Depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a distinct form of depression triggered by the reduced level of sunlight during the winter months. I have been feeling it. I live in Pittsburgh. It is now getting dark at 5pm and it is very little sunshine if any at all. The weather right now is just a constant grey as we transition from the fall till winter. And I am dragging ass. I am trying to work myself out of it, but it seams like right now I have to force myself to do just about anything. LAME. So I thought I would do  some research. I am generally a happy, motivated, uplifting person. Not lately…

So lets work out of this funk together. Here is what I have found…

1. Let there be Light! Makes sense that the darkness would make your life kind of dreary. Try brighter light bulbs. There are also some pretty cool products that can give you the effects of the sunshine.

2. Call Someone that is going to pull you out of your Bull shit Tough love is the best love! I called another Beachbody Coach. Yes I need help sometimes I am not scared to admit it. I talked with her a little, she gave me a couple suggestions, then simply said you realize you’re just making a bunch of excuses. Well here I am researching ways to get out of my funk. So it must have worked. Thanks Amy ;)!!

3. Exercise. Just do it. It will increase your mood. Even if you don’t want to.

4. Get outside. I hate the cold, but sometimes you just need to suck it up and bundle up you would be surprised at a difference that this can make.

every day may not be good

5. Find something good out of your day! If you cant think of anything make something good. Reach out to someone just to say hi, compliment them, or grab your kid and spend some quality time.

6. Sex… Nuff said

7. Diet… Stop reaching for shit. Ever hear the saying you are what you eat?   Well when your diet is crap you tend to feel like that. Here is a list of some foods that you can keep on hand.

Oatmeal (original, not desserty)
Egg whites for omelets
Peanut butter
Prewashed veggies
Whole grain crackers and bread
Deli turkey
Cottage cheese

Also timing is everything. Try to plan your meals better. If you eat lunch at 1 and know you will not be eating again till 8 you may want to plan a snack, being hungry makes me angry lol and feel like shit.

8. Music. Put on some good tunes and dance it, just like in Grey’s Anatomy.

9. Watch a comedy and have a good laugh. I recommend Dumb and Dumber.

10. Personal Development. Get your brain thinking up lifting thoughts. go to youtube and type in self help audio books. Anything positive :)!

I hope this helps you, I know I am going to get to work on these. I don’t want to feel like this anymore!




Tip… If you have noticed my workouts are pretty much always the same time. My breakfast very rarely changes. Why? It is routine for me  and I don’t even have to think about it. I just do it. So find the time the routine that works for you that is so engrained in you that you JUST DO IT. Like clock work.


30 Days Of Body Beast!

what does 30 days of bb look likeBody Beast is a 90 day Strength Training program. It can be as easy or as intense as you would like it to be depending on how heavy or light you lift. I dove into this one after being off for 4 weeks after a Surgery. And My motto… Go Big or Go home. So week one I was so sore I felt like I got hit by a truck. But Now just occasional soreness. I have been using anywhere from 5- 50 lbs and a stability ball or my coffee table. hahahahaha this is sometimes converted to a stepper. I also use a door to do Pull-ups. Hey sometimes you need to work with what you have!



This workout can also be done in the gym.

There are 2 different Schedules you can follow. Lean Beast and Huge Beast. Can you guess which one I went with?


HUGE! Totally kidding. I am following lean. You are on a 6 day rotation meaning you have one rest day a week and The Schedule I have followed is.

Block 1 BUILD

Week 1

1- Build: Chest/Tris

2- Build: Legs

3: Build: Back/Bis

4: Cardio/Abs

5: Build:Shoulders

6: Rest

7: Build Chest/Tris

Week 2

1- Build: Legs

2: Build: Back/Bis

3: Cardio/Abs

4: Build :Shoulders

5: Rest

6:Build: Chest/Tris

7: Build: Legs

Week 3

1: Build: Back/Bis

2: Cardio/Abs

3: Build :Shoulders

4: Rest

5:Build: Chest/Tris

6: Build: Legs

7:Build: Back/Bis

Ok Now I am a Rest Day Snob and I prefer to have it on either Saturday or Sunday but mainly Sunday. Because If I am going to go out more than likely I will on a Saturday and Sunday is considered Day of Rest after all. So I moved the rest day to be more to my liking ;). Don’t worry it did not affect the workout.

Block 2 BULK

Week 1

1: Bulk:Chest

2: Bulk:Legs


4:Beast Cardio/ Abs

5:Bulk: Back

6:Bulk: Shoulders


This repeats for 5 weeks. So to do 30 days I made it to week 4 Day 2.

So far I really like it, but I like lifting way more than cardio. This is strange especially since I ran a marathon. Haha oh well!!

Here are the Results I have gotten in the last 30 days.

front 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30


back 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30


side 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30

Want to Check out Body Beast?

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Body Beast Shakeology Challenge Pack This is what I am using! Since I drink Shakeo

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