The truth about exercise…

Ok for me at least.

hate exercise

My alarm goes off at 5am (I’ll admit sometimes it gets snoozed 2 or 3 times). But my first thought of the alarm going off is not. I CANT WAIT TO EXERCISE!! Fuck that. It is I do not want to do this. I want to cuddle into my blankets and go back to bed. But I do it. Why? Why the hell would I do this?  Well a few things.

  • I remember how I felt before I exercised. How I looked. How miserable and tired I was. Unhappy with my size. Now I was never huge, But I was not a good comfortable size for me. Comfortable?  Strange word to explain it. But I was Uncomfortable about everything. Hiding getting changed in front of your husband is never a good feeling.


  • I love how I feel when the workout is done. Its like I survived, I did not die. And n0w I feel like a bad ass. Plus seeing the improvements overtime. There is an after workout high. You are PUMPED up. I cannot explain it. But if you exercise you know what I am talking about.
  • I sleep like a baby!! I went 4 weeks off no exercise I could not sleep. One day back at it I passed out at like 10. It was amazing.
  • I have more energy and all around am a happier person.
  • I shrank literally. This may sound superficial, but I don’t care. I went from squeezing uncomfortably into 8s because I refused to go up. Hello muffin tops. to being a 4.Now my 4s are kind of loose.

muffin top

  • ********Better sex life. (sorry if you’re family and you’re reading this hahaha) Its so true. I feel more confident which carries over into all the aspects of my life. *******Can you tell this ones my favorite?

So now that I shared some little points of why I work out, I will leave you with this. Just do it. You wont regret it EVER! Don’t wait to start. Life is always busy. There is always something going on. But making your health a priority is important. Tell your family ask for help. You would be surprised at the support you will get. You got this! Now go kick some ASS!


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