Why Get a Beachbody Coach?

First I guess I should ask you if you know what a Beachbody Coach is?


Yes… Awesome


No…. Go here


So NOW you know exactly (or at least an idea) what a Coach is… So why have one?

Ok think about this, you get a program you’re all excited to start it (I don’t care where you got it). You are going to follow through this time! You are going to eat healthier and you are going to finish that damn workout no matter what no excuses. You start out great and then, LIFE. You start making excuses. You cant keep up and get discouraged. You are starving. Blah Blah Blah…

doubt and fear

Seriously I could go on and on about this. I have done it. I lived this life. How long do you have to go being unhappy with the way you look?

Ok A Coach…

Well first of all, it is FREE to get one. We are there to give you ideas on what to eat and how not to starve yourself. I love food and I get angry when I am hungry so there is no way I would advise anyone to skip meals!

We are there to hold you accountable, and check in with you. See how your liking your workout, are you actually doing them? If not we figure out why. We are there to remind you WHY you got the program in the first place. What your Goals are. That you in fact not only can Complete the workout, but YOU can CRUSH your GOALS! That you are WORTH the time you invest in yourself.

worth it

To work on ideas with you on how to get your workouts in, like time of the day. Even though I am home I have to figure out time to workout we are all busy. A coach shows you how to make fitness one of your priorities.

We are there to keep you from bashing yourself and talking yourself down, because that’s not helping anyone. A lot that you do with Fitness is more mental than anything and believing in yourself that you CAN Do ANYTHING! You just have to work for it.

Add me as your COACH


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