What the hell am I doing?

Well I am at the 2 week recovery mark and finally allowed to drive! Woohoo! But I am reflecting the past 2 weeks (ok last week because the week before I pretty much slept for 5 days so it does not count!!) I swore since I was going to eat right while I was recovering. So all the hard work I have put in my body would not evaporate. Well how do you think I have been doing with that?  Fucking Awful!!  (swore get over it, I have the mouth of a trucker. )

I have not been grocery shopping, unless you count me going with my husband where I feel rushed and I throw a bunch of shit in the cart, or the time where I thought I was ready to go by myself and was hurting before I even parked the car. That was a hazed trip I am not even sure what I bought. I have bought the bare minimum to keep my family going, with stuff that I do not really eat. So we have been ordering pizza or Chinese. And when I get Chinese food I will eat until I want to puke.

I decided yesterday when I put real clothes on for the first time in almost 2 weeks and my leggings felt tight that enough was enough and I am going to get back on track!! Yes you read that right leggings, if I tried to put on jeans I would not have left the house…

What am I doing to get back on track? Started a healthy eating accountability group! Why does this work for me? Well I am running it , so if I do not follow through I feel like an asshole. Also, people pass around meal ideas and support one another. It works for me. I need to feel some kind of pressure I will cheat constantly if I am just holding myself accountable. I am a terrible liar (not a bad thing) so an accountability group will make me want to be honest about what I am actually eating. Instead of telling myself that the 5 scoops of ice cream I inhaled as I was walking past the freezer doesn’t count. (don’t judge me)

Buckling down today! I have at least another 2 weeks before I can press play and the weight comes on faster than it goes off. I do not want to start over again.

Want to join the group????  click below and ask!



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