A week and a day…

Well it has been one week and a day since my partial hysterectomy. What am I doing???


Yep researching my next workout. That I can start in prob 3 more weeks wahhhhhh.
I am feeling OK. Standing to long starts to make me sore and tired. But I’m not too bad. I would like to be able to do my normal stuff though. Like go to the store. I tried that Sunday. I was not ready. OUCH.
Also not having to ask my 11 year old to carry a laundry basket down stairs or be able to pick up my baby would be nice.
And my workouts. I miss them! Sounds strange but once that habit is formed its harder to not do them.


Plus my workout is the one time a day that I have that’s for me. It is my stress relief. Right now I’m napping like a toddler. Hahahahaha

But not too bad! I got this 😜

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