Why Become a Beachbody Coach?


why not

Here’s a few reasons why you may want to be a Coach!

1. You LOVE Fitness!! Being a coach means you need to lead by example. Or Practice what you Preach! One of the main things is Fitness! You love it! Great! Share your story and help others get there too! You can help pair them up to what we like to call their “Soul Mate” workout. Then from the start you are there to help encourage, or push if needed in the right direction. Your goal is to get them to love what they are doing and even better… Get the Results!

2. Your a stay at Home Mom! Hello that’s what I am. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted to have extra spending money and help out financially. This also helps connect me into the real world. Love my kids, but sometimes adult interaction is much needed!

3. You want to set your own hours and be your own Boss!! You have been in the business world and y0u are sick of working for someone else. You want to key to your potential and rising up to be in your own hands. Did you know being a Coach you have endless earning possibilities? Whether you would like to make an additional $50 a week or be a 6 figure owner.

4. You Freaking LOVE Shakeology and Beachbody Products! Raise your hand if this is you! WOOHOO! Ok you love the products and your drinking the Shakes, but your thinking Coaching may not be for you… That’s ok. People sign up all the time to be what we call a “Discount Coach” why not save some $$? And get the inside scoop of all the Awesome products. And Hey… Some of the TOP Coaches on the Team I am a part of started for the discount.

5. You need a Positive Uplifting Support System! Done with Negative Nancy’s? whoomp whoomp… There is no better thing then a Team of Beachbody Coaches to give you a Swift kick in the ASS when you are feeling Down and the Dumps. The Best part is every single one of us wants to see you SUCCEED! In whatever it is that you decide that may be, your business, your health and fitness. We want you to do good. Cheesy slogan coming… We are BETTER TOGETHER!   AHHHHHH I know sounds lame, but so true. You will not find a Better group of people!

Do you feel like you would be a Great Coach! Connect with me by filling out an Application! (Why an application?  I just want to get to know you!)

You know you were meant for this…

Join my Team

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