Finding your why…

A big factor of motivation is figuring out WHY you are doing it. Why you decided in the first place that it was time to make a change.


I started my journey shortly after my 2nd child. I believe I started for everyone but me. I found comfort in food and booze, I knew that needed to stop. I wanted to never be the frumpy wife or the mom that could not run after her kids. But it was for them, for my family. See I became just a Mom. Everything was about the family and I started to lose Me. I had my first daughter at 17, so I never really figured out exactly who I was anyway. A mother is all I knew that I wanted to be.

Over time this started to shift. I do this workouts for me. So I can feel good about myself and love the way I look. So I can be a role model. Not just to my kids but to others fighting through the same battle. That 30 minutes I pit in just about every morning is for ME. It is a priority and I refuse to get lost behind other things now. Taking 30 minutes for myself is not selfish it is necessary. What’s your why? Do it for you.


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