Sale for Sept!

Ok here it is! And it is my Favorite workout…..

21 day fix get

THE 21 DAY FIX!!!!!

Why do I love it?  Because its freaking genius, the plan is super simple, teaches you proper nutrition and portion sizes, its color coded (My 2 yr old could do it). The workouts are amazing for any level and have a modifier. BONUS they are only 30 minutes long. The cycle is just 21 days, that is 3 short weeks. Did you know that is how long it takes to form a habit?  No?  Well now you do.

Here are my results from the fix.

me 21This was my first round. I just finished Piyo and decided to do the 21 day fix again this week Starting Sept 1st before my surgery the 15th (so I wont be able to finish, but at least I am doing something). Here is a picture I took with a difference of 3 days…wpid-wp-1409920749691.jpegYes I have stretch marks and saggy skin, but I also have 3 kids. I am a tiger I earned those stripes lol. Forget about those notice the difference in the muscle definition in my abs. YAAY!!!! I am aloud to be excited this is after a weekend of camp and binge drinking then changing my diet and doing 30 minute workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Why cant you change your lifestyle? Lets do this together!  I will be opening up a challenge group for the 21 day fix Starting September 29th I will not be able to workout with you, due to surgery (Want to know what I am having done ask… Its not fun and exciting I promise). However, I will need accountability for my eating. 6 weeks of no workouts is freaking me out a bit.

Here is the deal…

Want to join my Challenge or find out what the hell a Challenge group is?  Go here fill out the form or find out more info!


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