Finding time for you…

 find time for yourselfWhy should you find time to workout?  Don’t you want to feel and look better?  Here’s the thing how much time do you spend giving for everyone else, while you are completely unhappy and unhealthy. You give time to your kids, family, husband, friends, work. Finding 30 minutes for yourself is not hard and it is important. You taking 30 minutes of the time in the day to make yourself better, is not going to kill anyone. They can wait. They will be there after your 30 minutes.

Your kids learn from what you do, they pick up your habits and the way you speak about yourself. Saying how fat you are (NO just NO) and not doing anything about it, what do you think you are teaching them?  What habits do you want to have them pick up?  I am not saying that you should never eat treats or take rest. Everything in moderation!


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