Piyo End Review

wpid-wp-1405452590920.jpegSo I am an Asshole and I cannot find the before pictures for piyo or my measurements… In my defense I had 3 different phones during this and I thought I emailed to myself (weird I know) and I didn’t. But I do have afters and I can tell you the difference of how I feel.

The workout Piyo is 8 weeks total. 6 days a week. It took me 10 to complete it. I took a week off for vacation that I did not prepare for, and I messed up a week because I was not feeling well. (Thanks Endometriosis your a lot of fun.)

I feel longer and leaner, a slender tone, my balance is way better and I am more flexible. Good bye tight hammys 🙂 and I didn’t fall on my face during a warrior 3 pose.

Piyo is a faster more flowy version of Pilates/yoga. It is for yoga lovers or people that know you need flexibility training but get bored while holding the poses (uhhum points to self!) Pushups and planks feel easier, don’t get me wrong they can still be hard, but my form is on point.

Here are my end results Pics…

Piyo end

And the reviews for the workouts… There is someone modifying in every workout.

Define Lower Body. Short and sweet a definite way to get a fast lower body workout in. There is a part where Chalene does not do some moves she does on the other leg and that bothered me a bit.

Define Upper Body.  Another short one but great upper body workout in just 18 minutes. Great way to squeeze in the workout when you don’t have much time.

Sweat. My Absolute favorite only 36 min and I would actually get excited when I would notice this on the schedule. Works Everything! Core, Legs, Ass, Arms and balance. I literally have sweat dripping off my face every time and I love the music in here. Def going to be my go to, to replace either Yoga or Pilates during the 21 day fix!!


Core. 30 min abs workout. Has standing, floor and plank core work. Def a great ab workout.


Buns. 30 min of all lower body and your buns will be shaking by the end. Both standing and floor work.


Strength Intervals. Just a short 20 mins of bursts of cardio and strength work using your body.

Drench. This baby is 48 minutes, It is a bit longer than I am used to and got spoiled with, but the workout definitely keep you going so the time goes surprisingly fast. You are introduced into the tougher Piyo moves like the Piyo flip.


Sculpt. Short and to the point you sculpt your entire body using your own body.

Bonus workout

Hard Core on the floor. No joke, this is an intense abs workout that will leave you shaking!!


I really did like Piyo for a break for my body and something different, but my body needed the break. I was really starting to miss weights towards the end, because that is what I LOVE to do. But I can see myself incorporating these workouts into other plans!  I all around feel great after completing the workout.

I started the 21 day fix up again yesterday and the workouts almost seem easier. I am a little sore, which is normal when you are changing up your routine, but the rounds weren’t as hard and I lasted longer. Very happy with my Piyo end results!!



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