Busy Mamas!


Is this picture you? Your doing a million things for everyone else, but where’s your time?

What if I told you in just 21 days you could…
-Lose extra fluff in your tummy.
-time all over
-feel amazing
-build your confidence
-get a easy to follow color coded portion control meal plan.
-just 30 min a day.

All of this plus shakeology is included. (Which replaces a meal for you)

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What the hell am I doing?

Well I am at the 2 week recovery mark and finally allowed to drive! Woohoo! But I am reflecting the past 2 weeks (ok last week because the week before I pretty much slept for 5 days so it does not count!!) I swore since I was going to eat right while I was recovering. So all the hard work I have put in my body would not evaporate. Well how do you think I have been doing with that?  Fucking Awful!!  (swore get over it, I have the mouth of a trucker. )

I have not been grocery shopping, unless you count me going with my husband where I feel rushed and I throw a bunch of shit in the cart, or the time where I thought I was ready to go by myself and was hurting before I even parked the car. That was a hazed trip I am not even sure what I bought. I have bought the bare minimum to keep my family going, with stuff that I do not really eat. So we have been ordering pizza or Chinese. And when I get Chinese food I will eat until I want to puke.

I decided yesterday when I put real clothes on for the first time in almost 2 weeks and my leggings felt tight that enough was enough and I am going to get back on track!! Yes you read that right leggings, if I tried to put on jeans I would not have left the house…

What am I doing to get back on track? Started a healthy eating accountability group! Why does this work for me? Well I am running it , so if I do not follow through I feel like an asshole. Also, people pass around meal ideas and support one another. It works for me. I need to feel some kind of pressure I will cheat constantly if I am just holding myself accountable. I am a terrible liar (not a bad thing) so an accountability group will make me want to be honest about what I am actually eating. Instead of telling myself that the 5 scoops of ice cream I inhaled as I was walking past the freezer doesn’t count. (don’t judge me)

Buckling down today! I have at least another 2 weeks before I can press play and the weight comes on faster than it goes off. I do not want to start over again.

Want to join the group????  click below and ask!



A week and a day…

Well it has been one week and a day since my partial hysterectomy. What am I doing???


Yep researching my next workout. That I can start in prob 3 more weeks wahhhhhh.
I am feeling OK. Standing to long starts to make me sore and tired. But I’m not too bad. I would like to be able to do my normal stuff though. Like go to the store. I tried that Sunday. I was not ready. OUCH.
Also not having to ask my 11 year old to carry a laundry basket down stairs or be able to pick up my baby would be nice.
And my workouts. I miss them! Sounds strange but once that habit is formed its harder to not do them.


Plus my workout is the one time a day that I have that’s for me. It is my stress relief. Right now I’m napping like a toddler. Hahahahaha

But not too bad! I got this 😜

Why Become a Beachbody Coach?


why not

Here’s a few reasons why you may want to be a Coach!

1. You LOVE Fitness!! Being a coach means you need to lead by example. Or Practice what you Preach! One of the main things is Fitness! You love it! Great! Share your story and help others get there too! You can help pair them up to what we like to call their “Soul Mate” workout. Then from the start you are there to help encourage, or push if needed in the right direction. Your goal is to get them to love what they are doing and even better… Get the Results!

2. Your a stay at Home Mom! Hello that’s what I am. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted to have extra spending money and help out financially. This also helps connect me into the real world. Love my kids, but sometimes adult interaction is much needed!

3. You want to set your own hours and be your own Boss!! You have been in the business world and y0u are sick of working for someone else. You want to key to your potential and rising up to be in your own hands. Did you know being a Coach you have endless earning possibilities? Whether you would like to make an additional $50 a week or be a 6 figure owner.

4. You Freaking LOVE Shakeology and Beachbody Products! Raise your hand if this is you! WOOHOO! Ok you love the products and your drinking the Shakes, but your thinking Coaching may not be for you… That’s ok. People sign up all the time to be what we call a “Discount Coach” why not save some $$? And get the inside scoop of all the Awesome products. And Hey… Some of the TOP Coaches on the Team I am a part of started for the discount.

5. You need a Positive Uplifting Support System! Done with Negative Nancy’s? whoomp whoomp… There is no better thing then a Team of Beachbody Coaches to give you a Swift kick in the ASS when you are feeling Down and the Dumps. The Best part is every single one of us wants to see you SUCCEED! In whatever it is that you decide that may be, your business, your health and fitness. We want you to do good. Cheesy slogan coming… We are BETTER TOGETHER!   AHHHHHH I know sounds lame, but so true. You will not find a Better group of people!

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You know you were meant for this…

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I have been quiet lately! I’m sorry about this but I have a good reason I promise. On sept 15th I had a partial hysterectomy. This was a hard and scary decision for me to make since I am only 29. Thankfully I had kids really young. I have Endometriosis.


I only figured it out in may of this year when I had the laparoscopy test. And a procedure that should have helped my issues called an ablation. As you can see it didn’t work.


Everyone of my issues were hormone related. I would get cramps so bad it was similar to contractions making me worthless and my temper ridiculous. I could have tore someone’s face off. Migraines were coming more often and lasting for days. Everything was getting worse and lasting way longer. I was exhausted and frustrated. How can someone that takes care of themselves the way I do feel this bad? I mean I ate healthy and exercise all the time. But this was completely out of my control.

So I opted for this surgery only doing partial so I won’t be thrown into menopause before I hit 30. Fingers crossed that I feel great with out having to take them out too! I want to be done with drs for a while!! And I want positive and happy me back! 🙋

After surgery. My recovery is 3 to 6 weeks. I will see my doc at 3 and he will let me know if I can resume my normal activities. Right now the pain isn’t awful I’m crampy, but seriously what’s so different about that? I am very exhausted and can’t keep my eyes open More than about an hr at a time. Which makes having a 2 yr old at home difficult I know she is bored but she will get over it!

I will keep you all updated on my progress 🙂

Finding your why…

A big factor of motivation is figuring out WHY you are doing it. Why you decided in the first place that it was time to make a change.


I started my journey shortly after my 2nd child. I believe I started for everyone but me. I found comfort in food and booze, I knew that needed to stop. I wanted to never be the frumpy wife or the mom that could not run after her kids. But it was for them, for my family. See I became just a Mom. Everything was about the family and I started to lose Me. I had my first daughter at 17, so I never really figured out exactly who I was anyway. A mother is all I knew that I wanted to be.

Over time this started to shift. I do this workouts for me. So I can feel good about myself and love the way I look. So I can be a role model. Not just to my kids but to others fighting through the same battle. That 30 minutes I pit in just about every morning is for ME. It is a priority and I refuse to get lost behind other things now. Taking 30 minutes for myself is not selfish it is necessary. What’s your why? Do it for you.


Sale for Sept!

Ok here it is! And it is my Favorite workout…..

21 day fix get

THE 21 DAY FIX!!!!!

Why do I love it?  Because its freaking genius, the plan is super simple, teaches you proper nutrition and portion sizes, its color coded (My 2 yr old could do it). The workouts are amazing for any level and have a modifier. BONUS they are only 30 minutes long. The cycle is just 21 days, that is 3 short weeks. Did you know that is how long it takes to form a habit?  No?  Well now you do.

Here are my results from the fix.

me 21This was my first round. I just finished Piyo and decided to do the 21 day fix again this week Starting Sept 1st before my surgery the 15th (so I wont be able to finish, but at least I am doing something). Here is a picture I took with a difference of 3 days…wpid-wp-1409920749691.jpegYes I have stretch marks and saggy skin, but I also have 3 kids. I am a tiger I earned those stripes lol. Forget about those notice the difference in the muscle definition in my abs. YAAY!!!! I am aloud to be excited this is after a weekend of camp and binge drinking then changing my diet and doing 30 minute workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Why cant you change your lifestyle? Lets do this together!  I will be opening up a challenge group for the 21 day fix Starting September 29th I will not be able to workout with you, due to surgery (Want to know what I am having done ask… Its not fun and exciting I promise). However, I will need accountability for my eating. 6 weeks of no workouts is freaking me out a bit.

Here is the deal… http://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BCP21D160?referringRepId=211368

Want to join my Challenge or find out what the hell a Challenge group is?  Go here fill out the form or find out more info!https://kalawilliamson.com/challenges/


Find me on Facebook!


Finding time for you…

 find time for yourselfWhy should you find time to workout?  Don’t you want to feel and look better?  Here’s the thing how much time do you spend giving for everyone else, while you are completely unhappy and unhealthy. You give time to your kids, family, husband, friends, work. Finding 30 minutes for yourself is not hard and it is important. You taking 30 minutes of the time in the day to make yourself better, is not going to kill anyone. They can wait. They will be there after your 30 minutes.

Your kids learn from what you do, they pick up your habits and the way you speak about yourself. Saying how fat you are (NO just NO) and not doing anything about it, what do you think you are teaching them?  What habits do you want to have them pick up?  I am not saying that you should never eat treats or take rest. Everything in moderation!

Piyo End Review

wpid-wp-1405452590920.jpegSo I am an Asshole and I cannot find the before pictures for piyo or my measurements… In my defense I had 3 different phones during this and I thought I emailed to myself (weird I know) and I didn’t. But I do have afters and I can tell you the difference of how I feel.

The workout Piyo is 8 weeks total. 6 days a week. It took me 10 to complete it. I took a week off for vacation that I did not prepare for, and I messed up a week because I was not feeling well. (Thanks Endometriosis your a lot of fun.)

I feel longer and leaner, a slender tone, my balance is way better and I am more flexible. Good bye tight hammys 🙂 and I didn’t fall on my face during a warrior 3 pose.

Piyo is a faster more flowy version of Pilates/yoga. It is for yoga lovers or people that know you need flexibility training but get bored while holding the poses (uhhum points to self!) Pushups and planks feel easier, don’t get me wrong they can still be hard, but my form is on point.

Here are my end results Pics…

Piyo end

And the reviews for the workouts… There is someone modifying in every workout.

Define Lower Body. Short and sweet a definite way to get a fast lower body workout in. There is a part where Chalene does not do some moves she does on the other leg and that bothered me a bit.

Define Upper Body.  Another short one but great upper body workout in just 18 minutes. Great way to squeeze in the workout when you don’t have much time.

Sweat. My Absolute favorite only 36 min and I would actually get excited when I would notice this on the schedule. Works Everything! Core, Legs, Ass, Arms and balance. I literally have sweat dripping off my face every time and I love the music in here. Def going to be my go to, to replace either Yoga or Pilates during the 21 day fix!!


Core. 30 min abs workout. Has standing, floor and plank core work. Def a great ab workout.


Buns. 30 min of all lower body and your buns will be shaking by the end. Both standing and floor work.


Strength Intervals. Just a short 20 mins of bursts of cardio and strength work using your body.

Drench. This baby is 48 minutes, It is a bit longer than I am used to and got spoiled with, but the workout definitely keep you going so the time goes surprisingly fast. You are introduced into the tougher Piyo moves like the Piyo flip.


Sculpt. Short and to the point you sculpt your entire body using your own body.

Bonus workout

Hard Core on the floor. No joke, this is an intense abs workout that will leave you shaking!!


I really did like Piyo for a break for my body and something different, but my body needed the break. I was really starting to miss weights towards the end, because that is what I LOVE to do. But I can see myself incorporating these workouts into other plans!  I all around feel great after completing the workout.

I started the 21 day fix up again yesterday and the workouts almost seem easier. I am a little sore, which is normal when you are changing up your routine, but the rounds weren’t as hard and I lasted longer. Very happy with my Piyo end results!!