Progress is progress

Doing my workout this morning. Surprise!! Chalene Johnson said ,”who cares if its just one its still progress.”


Got me thinking how many times do we quit because were not where we want to be?

I know I’ve done it before. I need to take a break, then immediately the thought turns into I’m never going to be able to do this. Well do you think the people in the video got there over night? Or the guy benching all that weight just decided this looks like a good number? Or the person pounding the treadmill at a full sprint hasn’t conditioned themselves to do so?

None of those happened getting in shape is a step by step process. To gradually changing your body. Not tooting my own horn, but I am in pretty decent shape I have been working out for 6-7 years. I still have moments when I need a breather. So…


Stop belittling the progress you are making. You are changing your life and that alone is amazing. You are doing great things for yourself!

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