How to pack Clean!

You are trying to eat healthy but not really sure what to do when you are leaving the house. What you definitely want to take with you is snacks. Yes snacks like a toddler. When you eat clean since it fuels your body so efficiently you tend to eat more often. So be prepared…

Some snack Ideas.

Shakeology. Easy Peasy and Delish

Apple with Raw nuts. How many nuts?  It depends on what you choose, now don’t go over board. Here is a list of how many equals 100 calories. Or get the 100 calorie pack. Raw and unsalted.


Celery with 1 tbsp. of Natural Nut Butter. The only ingredient in the nut butter of your choice should be the nut and maybe a little salt. There should be no added oils or sugar. Its not necessary. You could also make your own.

Baby carrots and Hummus. Around 10 carrots and 2 tbsp. of hummus any flavor.

Bell Pepper and Hummus. A Cup sliced and 2 tbsp. hummus.

Cucumber and Hummus. A cup sliced and 2Tbsp. of hummus.

Any type of fruit. A cup total. Add a healthy fat.

100 cal fruit 100 cal veggie



Shakeology. This can be used any time through out the day. I mainly do breakfast, but really good for any meal!

Salad. This is easy do the greens you love and add the extra veggies. Add a lean Protein (shrimp, chicken, ground turkey) You could also add some fruit or nuts.

Clean Dressing

Brown Rice with veggie and lean Protein. 1/3 cup brown rice, with 1/2 cup of a lean protein and 1 cup of any veggie steamed or roasted. You can sprinkle with seasonings and hot sauce.

Lean Protein with Veggie and a sweet potato. 1/2 cup of the Protein, cook with seasonings (Mrs. Dash has great options.) 1 cup of steamed or roasted veggie, sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon.

Wrap. use a whole grain wrap add 1 cup of what ever veggies you would like and some lean protein, add salsa of plain Greek Yogurt as a topping. Also if you want add some1/4 cup of shredded block cheese.

Good old PB&J. Use whole grain or Ezekiel bread spread with 1tbsp of natural Peanut butter and no sugar added fruit spread. Take with a side of raw veggies and some fruit.

More Ideas?  Visit Easy Clean Meal Plan on my Blog!

Other great Sites…

Pinterest has some fantastic ideas. Remember I follow the 80/20 rule so not everything I eat is 100% Clean!


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