The Dreaded Scale…


I want you to admit how often you jump on that god awful thing?

Be honest.

The old me a was a daily (sometimes multiple) offender. Like peeing was going to make a difference. Or that horrible binge I had the night before was going to make me 15 lbs heavier.  What I should have asked myself was…

Are you happy with the way you look?  How do you feel about your body?  Are the choices you are making in your day to day life going to get you there?

The answer if I was being honest was HELL no I wasn’t. When I was determined to get in shape I would start to working out. Still eating shitty food. My idea of dieting was starving myself so I could drink beer or eating anything labeled “low-fat” or “fat-free”. Not realizing that when you eat like that your body gets confused and stores it.

Now the only time I weigh myself is when I feel like I need to get myself back on track, I am starting a workout, or a challenge. And I don’t diet I have changed my lifestyle I eat healthy most of the time and I have treats too. Everything in moderation.

What is a challenge? Go here.

There are also many other ways to measure your progress. Those lovely N.S.V’s or Non Scale Victories.

Take measurements. Doing this once a week in exactly the same place. How to Take Your Body Measurements for Your Beach…:

Take before pictures (front, back, and side) In a bathing suit. You do not have to show anyone but this is a great way to show progress. Plus it is a great thing to have to remember where you started.
How to Take “Before” and “After” Photos:

Your workout progress. I don’t give a shit what you are doing. If it is a Beachbody program or walking around the block. Do what is best for you. You will start to notice that you Are able take it further, pick up your pace more, recover faster, run. Maybe you are able to do a real pushup. Hold a plank 5 sec longer. This has endless possibilities. NOTICE the difference in your physical abilities no matter how small.

How do your clothes fit?

More energy?

Are you happier with yourself, holding your head higher, more confident?

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