Stop Compairing yourself to Others

awesomeWhy????  Because it does absolutely nothing, but make you feel like shit. ( I would apologize for my language but that is not me. I have a mouth of a trucker, get over it lol)

You started your health and fitness journey to feel better about yourself. Am I right? Well stop knocking yourself down. Looking at someone else and telling yourself you will never be where they are. Well then you are right. You are setting yourself up for FAILURE. There are a few things that you DO NOT know about the person you are comparing yourself too.

~You don’t know how long ago they started. Do you think they got a 6 pack overnight?!

dont compare

~Just because at a party they are stuffing they’re face with Buffalo Chicken Dip does not mean that they can eat whatever they want and look the way they do. Remember you do not see them when they are at home, and everyone is allowed to have a little treat time. So really you cant hate them because they get to eat whatever they want… The rule is 80/20.

~We’ve been on the same meal plan, how come they lost more than I did? Everyone is different and your body will let the weight off the way it wants to. There is no way to control it. Just focus on what you are changing and how you feel. The Non Scale Victories. Also be 100% honest… How many treats are you giving yourself?!  If you aren’t sure start a food journal and write down Every bite. (Every single one Damn it! You will be shocked at how many times a day you are mindlessly snacking.)


We all start somewhere and the success is up to you. You can have someone that inspires and motivates you. But remember you are not them and you never will be. Working on yourself can be hard, don’t make it any harder with negative and useless thoughts. Keep focusing and moving forward on yourself!!

you can be your bf

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