Change your thoughts.

change your thoughts

You need to change the way you think when you are working on yourself. Why because it is a long road to change your lifestyle and develop healthy habits. Whether that be the way you are eating or working out. negative thoughts

Fitness is 100% mental. Yes physically you are doing something. But it is your mind that is telling you to quit. That is telling you that you have never been an active person, that you will always be unhappy with the way you look. That you are too tired to workout. That you will never look like the person on the TV, or on the treadmill next to you. That you could not last one second longer. That you CAN’T! And you start to believe it.

your mind

That shit ends now!!!! 

Start telling yourself you CAN, that you DESERVE to be happy and healthy and comfortable with yourself. To LOVE yourself enough to push just a little bit further and do a bit more. To finally like the way you look. To be confident and smile. I mean a real genuine smile not the one that you fake and put out there so people think you are happy.

Then people will want to hang out with you too 😉

I completely recommend  reading personal development or listening to it. Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler says, “Personal Development is the Pro-Active Choice to look your problems in the face.” Has it helped me? Absolutely!!! I read and listen to it for a lot of different things. YouTube channel where you can get all kinds of books to work on positive thoughts and self confidence.

How many things do you do for your friends and family?  It is time that you start building a happier you 🙂



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