Abs are made in the Kitchen.

waste basket

Have any of you heard this phrase?  Well it is true. Abs are made in the kitchen you could do 10000 sit-ups a day but if you have a shitty diet you will not have a 6 pack. You need to focus on your nutrition first. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Getting in shape is 70% nutrition and 30% fitness.

cant out exercise

You will not believe the way your body will start to change once you focus on your food. Start eating lean proteins, complex carbs and veggies. Allowing 2-3 servings of healthy fats a day. I recommend eating clean to form lean muscles! What is that exactly? Go here

I am not saying you can never treat your self! Allow everything in moderation. It is not about depravation. You need to change the way you think eating healthy is a lifestyle change. Stop thinking about what you cannot have it will drive you insane. (Believe me I know). When you deprive yourself before you know it you are hiding in your kitchen pantry shoving handfuls of Cheetos down your throat and then the depression sets in…(this totally happened to me… Disaster cheese powder everywhere) live your life in moderation. Do I treat myself? Absolutely I just pick and choose…


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