Tub cleaner!

Say what?! Not something I usually share! But now that kids are back in school I’m getting this house back in order and I know I like helpful money saying tips!

So I went to clean the tub. Out of cleaner… BOO I refuse to run the store for one thing cause it always ends up way more esp with a 2 yr old!

I improvised…
Equal parts (no measurements)
White vinegar
Dawn (target ahahah) dish soap
Lemon juice

Shake and use! Worked great! And when little hands want to help no harsh chemicals 🙂

Your welcome 😉


Progress is progress

Doing my workout this morning. Surprise!! Chalene Johnson said ,”who cares if its just one its still progress.”


Got me thinking how many times do we quit because were not where we want to be?

I know I’ve done it before. I need to take a break, then immediately the thought turns into I’m never going to be able to do this. Well do you think the people in the video got there over night? Or the guy benching all that weight just decided this looks like a good number? Or the person pounding the treadmill at a full sprint hasn’t conditioned themselves to do so?

None of those happened getting in shape is a step by step process. To gradually changing your body. Not tooting my own horn, but I am in pretty decent shape I have been working out for 6-7 years. I still have moments when I need a breather. So…


Stop belittling the progress you are making. You are changing your life and that alone is amazing. You are doing great things for yourself!

How to pack Clean!

You are trying to eat healthy but not really sure what to do when you are leaving the house. What you definitely want to take with you is snacks. Yes snacks like a toddler. When you eat clean since it fuels your body so efficiently you tend to eat more often. So be prepared…

Some snack Ideas.

Shakeology. Easy Peasy and Delish

Apple with Raw nuts. How many nuts?  It depends on what you choose, now don’t go over board. Here is a list of how many equals 100 calories. Or get the 100 calorie pack. Raw and unsalted.


Celery with 1 tbsp. of Natural Nut Butter. The only ingredient in the nut butter of your choice should be the nut and maybe a little salt. There should be no added oils or sugar. Its not necessary. You could also make your own.

Baby carrots and Hummus. Around 10 carrots and 2 tbsp. of hummus any flavor.

Bell Pepper and Hummus. A Cup sliced and 2 tbsp. hummus.

Cucumber and Hummus. A cup sliced and 2Tbsp. of hummus.

Any type of fruit. A cup total. Add a healthy fat.

100 cal fruit 100 cal veggie



Shakeology. This can be used any time through out the day. I mainly do breakfast, but really good for any meal!

Salad. This is easy do the greens you love and add the extra veggies. Add a lean Protein (shrimp, chicken, ground turkey) You could also add some fruit or nuts.

Clean Dressing

Brown Rice with veggie and lean Protein. 1/3 cup brown rice, with 1/2 cup of a lean protein and 1 cup of any veggie steamed or roasted. You can sprinkle with seasonings and hot sauce.

Lean Protein with Veggie and a sweet potato. 1/2 cup of the Protein, cook with seasonings (Mrs. Dash has great options.) 1 cup of steamed or roasted veggie, sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon.

Wrap. use a whole grain wrap add 1 cup of what ever veggies you would like and some lean protein, add salsa of plain Greek Yogurt as a topping. Also if you want add some1/4 cup of shredded block cheese.

Good old PB&J. Use whole grain or Ezekiel bread spread with 1tbsp of natural Peanut butter and no sugar added fruit spread. Take with a side of raw veggies and some fruit.

More Ideas?  Visit Easy Clean Meal Plan on my Blog!

Other great Sites…



Pinterest has some fantastic ideas. Remember I follow the 80/20 rule so not everything I eat is 100% Clean!


The Dreaded Scale…


I want you to admit how often you jump on that god awful thing?

Be honest.

The old me a was a daily (sometimes multiple) offender. Like peeing was going to make a difference. Or that horrible binge I had the night before was going to make me 15 lbs heavier.  What I should have asked myself was…

Are you happy with the way you look?  How do you feel about your body?  Are the choices you are making in your day to day life going to get you there?

The answer if I was being honest was HELL no I wasn’t. When I was determined to get in shape I would start to working out. Still eating shitty food. My idea of dieting was starving myself so I could drink beer or eating anything labeled “low-fat” or “fat-free”. Not realizing that when you eat like that your body gets confused and stores it.

Now the only time I weigh myself is when I feel like I need to get myself back on track, I am starting a workout, or a challenge. And I don’t diet I have changed my lifestyle I eat healthy most of the time and I have treats too. Everything in moderation.

What is a challenge? Go here.

There are also many other ways to measure your progress. Those lovely N.S.V’s or Non Scale Victories.

Take measurements. Doing this once a week in exactly the same place. How to Take Your Body Measurements for Your Beach…: http://youtu.be/s7d7A2egzog

Take before pictures (front, back, and side) In a bathing suit. You do not have to show anyone but this is a great way to show progress. Plus it is a great thing to have to remember where you started.
How to Take “Before” and “After” Photos: http://youtu.be/vxWXJMleqo4

Your workout progress. I don’t give a shit what you are doing. If it is a Beachbody program or walking around the block. Do what is best for you. You will start to notice that you Are able take it further, pick up your pace more, recover faster, run. Maybe you are able to do a real pushup. Hold a plank 5 sec longer. This has endless possibilities. NOTICE the difference in your physical abilities no matter how small.

How do your clothes fit?

More energy?

Are you happier with yourself, holding your head higher, more confident?

Stop Compairing yourself to Others

awesomeWhy????  Because it does absolutely nothing, but make you feel like shit. ( I would apologize for my language but that is not me. I have a mouth of a trucker, get over it lol)

You started your health and fitness journey to feel better about yourself. Am I right? Well stop knocking yourself down. Looking at someone else and telling yourself you will never be where they are. Well then you are right. You are setting yourself up for FAILURE. There are a few things that you DO NOT know about the person you are comparing yourself too.

~You don’t know how long ago they started. Do you think they got a 6 pack overnight?!

dont compare

~Just because at a party they are stuffing they’re face with Buffalo Chicken Dip does not mean that they can eat whatever they want and look the way they do. Remember you do not see them when they are at home, and everyone is allowed to have a little treat time. So really you cant hate them because they get to eat whatever they want… The rule is 80/20.

~We’ve been on the same meal plan, how come they lost more than I did? Everyone is different and your body will let the weight off the way it wants to. There is no way to control it. Just focus on what you are changing and how you feel. The Non Scale Victories. Also be 100% honest… How many treats are you giving yourself?!  If you aren’t sure start a food journal and write down Every bite. (Every single one Damn it! You will be shocked at how many times a day you are mindlessly snacking.)


We all start somewhere and the success is up to you. You can have someone that inspires and motivates you. But remember you are not them and you never will be. Working on yourself can be hard, don’t make it any harder with negative and useless thoughts. Keep focusing and moving forward on yourself!!

you can be your bf


Sorry I have been missing!!! Not gonna lie. I have been focusing on my family and lost my drive a little. Since the kids go back to school I want to really enjoy the rest of the summer! We have been doing so much.

Here’s a little view of what’s been going on on my end.


Canoeing this weekend! Was such a great way to get a fit activity in and my mother in law took the littles to the playground while we hit the lake!!


Steelers party!! Preseason baby…


Took the kiddos to Idlewild (thanks mom! 🙂 )

My workouts have been on point, eating not so much… I am feeling it to. Dragging ass! And I feel like I am a stuffed sausage. Gross. Trying to get back at it so I can help you all!!

Give me a nudge 😉

Change your thoughts.

change your thoughts

You need to change the way you think when you are working on yourself. Why because it is a long road to change your lifestyle and develop healthy habits. Whether that be the way you are eating or working out. negative thoughts

Fitness is 100% mental. Yes physically you are doing something. But it is your mind that is telling you to quit. That is telling you that you have never been an active person, that you will always be unhappy with the way you look. That you are too tired to workout. That you will never look like the person on the TV, or on the treadmill next to you. That you could not last one second longer. That you CAN’T! And you start to believe it.

your mind

That shit ends now!!!! 

Start telling yourself you CAN, that you DESERVE to be happy and healthy and comfortable with yourself. To LOVE yourself enough to push just a little bit further and do a bit more. To finally like the way you look. To be confident and smile. I mean a real genuine smile not the one that you fake and put out there so people think you are happy.

Then people will want to hang out with you too 😉

I completely recommend  reading personal development or listening to it. Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler says, “Personal Development is the Pro-Active Choice to look your problems in the face.” Has it helped me? Absolutely!!! I read and listen to it for a lot of different things. YouTube channel where you can get all kinds of books to work on positive thoughts and self confidence.


How many things do you do for your friends and family?  It is time that you start building a happier you 🙂



Abs are made in the Kitchen.

waste basket

Have any of you heard this phrase?  Well it is true. Abs are made in the kitchen you could do 10000 sit-ups a day but if you have a shitty diet you will not have a 6 pack. You need to focus on your nutrition first. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Getting in shape is 70% nutrition and 30% fitness.

cant out exercise

You will not believe the way your body will start to change once you focus on your food. Start eating lean proteins, complex carbs and veggies. Allowing 2-3 servings of healthy fats a day. I recommend eating clean to form lean muscles! What is that exactly? Go here

I am not saying you can never treat your self! Allow everything in moderation. It is not about depravation. You need to change the way you think eating healthy is a lifestyle change. Stop thinking about what you cannot have it will drive you insane. (Believe me I know). When you deprive yourself before you know it you are hiding in your kitchen pantry shoving handfuls of Cheetos down your throat and then the depression sets in…(this totally happened to me… Disaster cheese powder everywhere) live your life in moderation. Do I treat myself? Absolutely I just pick and choose…