Piyo (honest opinion)


What is Piyo? Well it is Chalene Johnson’s creation of a combination of Pilate’s and yoga. It has a faster flow.


This is far from my usual workout. I like weights and hard core cardio. I love that moment at the end of a workout where your heart is pounding and you are dripping with sweat. Everyone should know this feeling you feel like a complete badass. I was not always like that. But I’ve changed over the years.

I ran Pittsburgh’s marathon may 4th 2014. Did not take anytime off did some easy work outs and the jumped into a round of the 21 day fix. I was going to Vegas and I wanted to look good. But my body hurt. In Vegas I started getting pain in my sciatica, and low back. Sleeping like shit and everything felt tight. There was no way I was coming home from Summit without Piyo.


I usually did yoga once a week not because I love it but its in my schedule and flexibility is very important to prevent injury. But I knew I needed more. I like to feel my workouts though. Heard Piyo was faster pace and more intense then your tradition yoga or Pilate’s. So I dove in.

These workouts are not your traditional yoga/Pilate’s. You move more quickly and flow rapidly to each move. The movements also stay dynamic. So for instance you don’t just hold a warrior 2 you come out of it a bit to get back in. The workout focuses a lot on your core and your lower body. But with the tricep and traditional pushups it is a full body workout. My heart beat rases and I can feel a huge difference in my flexibility in the 3 weeks I’ve been at it.


She also does a day of strength intervals where you go from using your body weight in strength moves to short bursts of cardio. My heart pumps and I am dripping with sweat so I get the workout I crave. What’s great no jumping. (Besides a couple of burpees, can’t do that? Follow the modifier). I feel all over better.

I think anyone can do this there are all levels of fitness throughout the workout. She also shows ways to get more advance.

Its all about the movement and improving yourself not starting out with perfection.


Bonus… The challenge pack is on sale this month!! So you get piyo and Shakeology for an awesome price!!

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