I want the give everyone an inside look into my world so you can understand where I come from and how I got to the point I of where I am now…

Let’s go back… Born July 15th 1985. When I was 2 my parents divorced. I had a dad that only wanted to be one when it was convenient for him and wanted to “play house”. Needless to say I had daddy issues, super low self esteem. And very little self respect.

For a long time I did not feel I was good enough or deserved a nice caring guy. I was used and let down a lot. I spent most if my early teen years getting wasted and smoking weed. Sports? Forget about it I liked to party…

I met Ron (now hubby) in 10th grade English. Huge crush but he was too nice of a guy for me right??? We started dating the following year (Feb 22nd 2002 to be exact.) I never thought it would last I had never had anyone that me as good as he did before. 3 weeks after daring I was pregnant (16 yes old). Scared as hell!! Mom was shocked dad tried to force abortion. Straining our relationship further. My belief was I acted as an adult I was going to face the consequences as an adult.

We welcomed a baby girl that December. I was even more unhappy with my body gaining 60 lbs during pregnancy took a toll and I now have tons of stretch marks. My dad and I started to mend our relationship by the time we were close to being ” normal” he died of a massive heart attack (5/22/06)


His death is a big part of why I got my health in order. You see there is a family history of heart disease and high blood pressure.

I got married to Ron 6/2/07.


We welcomed our 2nd daughter 5/22/08. 2 yrs to the date of my dads death.

Welcome to weight watchers!! This plan works if you use it right I would starve myself and save all my pts for beer drinking. I started to really workout now. I finally got results and enjoyed fitness for the first time in my life. So I decided to become a certified personal trainer and help other people. I loved writing fitness plans for people. But with my husbands schedule and now having a 3rd baby 10/25/11. I gave it up…

I stumbled across a friend of that lost a ton if weight and was talking about being a Beachbody coach. I had done insanity and rev abs so I knew of Beachbody, but was clueless to what a coach was. So I asked.

So you mean I can do close to what I was doing as a trainer, but in the comfort of home while staying with my kids?! Umm yes please!! (Totally thought about it for 3-4 months lol) I signed up Jan 23 2013.

It is so much more than I have expected. Part of our daily activity is to read personal development. At first I was like why would you do that? Stupid!! I was wrong. Cause here’s the thing. You can’t give what you don’t have if my self esteem is low how can I help someone build theirs? If I lack confidence then talking to people about changing theirs isn’t going to happen. And my goal is to help people live a better and more fulfilling life.

I just got back from summit (Beachbody’s annual conference)
And the CEO Carl Diakeler explained personal development perfectly. He said, “personal development is the proactive choice to look your problems in the face.” You need to focus on where your life lacks.

The team I am in is so supportive, we all share knowledge and help each other out. Some if these coaches have become my closest friends.

wpid-wp-1405345232463.jpeg wpid-wp-1405345238369.jpeg

I finally now can tell you I accept me and everything that comes with it. Tiger stripes and all. Some if the scars of my past have made me a better person, and although I did not share everything here because then I would write a novel I won’t shy away if you ask.

I want to close with a quote…
“You can be amazing, when you embrace who you are.”


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