Day 2 of the Refresh.

So you all know that I am doing the 3 day Refresh and Day one was kind of rough. I was Hangry. (Hungry + Angry). But determined to not cheat and get through the 3 days.

only 3 days to go

Its just 3 days and if people can do the awful show Naked and Afraid for 21 I can stick to 3 Measly days!! nakedSeriously I would not want to brave most of these places fully clothed and they do it NAKED!! 3 days of a restricted diet is NOT HARD surviving in the wilderness is…


So anyways back to my cleanse…

Day 2. Started out with me a lil groggy. I did my Piyo workout and had my Meal 1. Shakeology and fruit mixed with water. I still had a headache and it is suggested to not drink coffee. But since most mornings I am an addict to caffeine my cups usually look like this…


and I did not have any day 1 I am thinking that may be why it was so rough.

I snuck in a lil black coffee. (I know I am BAD). But if this is my only steer away from the path it is all good. Plus it is not restricted you are told that …

“Although it is not a requirement , to get the full benefit of the 3-Day Refresh, we SUGGEST that you refrain from drinking coffee for the three days of the program.”

After this I felt amazing. I was full after the meals and all cravings GONE!! I took my kids and nephew to see Maleficent and the movies and they had there snacks and I did not cave. I didn’t even want it, they had chocolate too and Hi my names Kala and I am a chocoholic. Last night I fell asleep faster than I have in a really long time and I slept great! Clear until right before my alarm went off. I slept so good that I did not even realize that my 2 yr old crawled in to bed with me. I feel so well rested and clear headed and well just really DAMN good. I don’t even know what else to say but that. Yesterday morning I weighed in 2.6 lbs. lighter. If that is all I lose then great, because I have not felt this great in a long time.


Cant wait to share my results with you all!!


Want to check out the 3 day Refresh? Go HERE

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